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Monday, December 26, 2005

Protection from Psychic Attack - technique

The protection techniques presented in Protected by the Light will assist you in dealing with any form of psychic attack. Some simple approaches you can take to avoid being victimized by an energy vampire are:

1. Keep your head inclined forward, and close your mouth when not speaking to this person.
2. Look only at their left eye, when meeting their gaze.
3. Fold your arms, cross your ankles or legs and place your folded arms across your solar plexus.
4. Don't sit or stand directly facing them. Here is a simple exercise to protect yourself from a psychic attack:

Imagine that your physical body is a honeycomb. You are so porous that any energy coming towards you will flow right through you without affecting you in anyway. Keep your attention completely focused on this image.

Now visualize a trap at the back of this honeycomb mesh screen. This receptacle traps any form of negative energy and immediately neutralizes it.

Perceive all of the negative energy that you are exposed passing through your aura without affecting you in any way. This negative energy now is trapped in this receptacle and is immediately neutralized.

We can all learn to strengthen our aura and protect others and ourselves against any form of psychic attack. This psychic protection also brings with it a form of empowerment like no other we have been exposed to. We can all finally learn to take control of our lives.

Courtesy: The Psychic Attacks! By Dr. Bruce Goldberg


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just repeat I AM LIGHT 9 times and all sort of demons, evil elementals, vampires, etc. will go away. They'll simply disappear. This is effective for protecting yourself while astral projecting as well. You could also try it in Latin: EGO LUX SUM. I don't know how to say it in Sanskrit or Hebrew.

7:06 AM  

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