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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Strengthen your will and power of endurance

Trials, difficulties, troubles and sufferings are necessary for your purification and to strengthen your will and power of endurance. Face them bravely and come out triumphantly. Press on. Strive on with all your will. The fire should be generated day after day. Hold fast to the ideal. Keep the flame of aspiration ever bright. Scorn mundane delights and strife. Scale the spirit's steepest height and reach the peak of eternal wisdom and bliss divine. Nothing is able to daunt the firm and resolute aspirant or turn you from a course which you consider to be right, or which you hold to be your duty.

Be brave and courageous. You must pass with one breath over the mountain of difficulties. Success cannot be attained by a life of weakness and error. You have infinite strength within you. Be strong. Look within. Meditate. Tap the source. Have an indomitable will, backed by an abiding faith. You are bound to succeed in everything.

Swami Sivanandha


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