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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Important Bija Mantras and Usage with Varma Therapy - 2

OM mantra

The mantra OM is Prana beeja or the seed sound of energy and vitality. It can be repeated relative to any marma one wants opened, cleared and released. It carries the immortal force of the higher Self (Atma) and is expansive and ascending in its effects. Usually it is visualized as golden in color and as carrying a solar force of life and intelligence.

AIM mantra

The mantra AIM (pronounced'I'm') is Guru beeja, the seed sound of speech, guidance and concentration. It can be used for directing mental energy and healing intentions to any marma point. It holds the "Saraswati" energy, the energy of knowledge, wisdom and creativity, and is white in color.

KREEM Mantra

The mantra Kreem is the seed sound of Kriyashakti, the power of action and represents electrical or lightning force. It can be used to stimulate and energize any marma with pranic power. It holds the Kali energy, the energy of transformation, internalization and spiritual awakening, which is also the power of Yoga, and is dark blue in color.


The mantra Shreem is the seed sound of harmony and well-being and projects a nutritive lunar energy. It can be used to heal or soothe any marma region, particularly from conditions of weakness or tissue depletion. It holds theLakshmi energy or the positive force of health, creativity, happiness and prosperity.

HREEM Mantra

The mantra Hreem is the seed sound of the heart, space and Prana and projects a solar force and golden color. It can be used to open, energize and heal any marma, particularly internal marmas like those of the heart. It holds the Goddess energy in general as a force of health, vitality and enlightenment.

KLEEM Mantra

The mantra Kleem is the seed sound of desire, attraction or magnetic energy, and projects the power of love. It can be used to increase Kapha or Ojas energy at any marma, including strengthening reproductive functions.

How to Use These Mantras

Choose any one of these mantras that you find suitable to work with. Chant it for a minimum of 108 times (or multiples there of) for a period between two new moons. Meditate upon the marma you are focusing on and repeat the mantra along with the breath, energizing the marma on inhalation and releasing or expanding it on exhalation.

For example, mentally repeat the mantra HUM on inhalation while visualizing the marma filling with a protective force, while on exhalation spread that protective force from the marma to around the body as a whole. One can also use these mantras relative to the eighteen marma regions. A good method is to use the mantra OM on inhalation in order to gather energy in the marma region, and the mantra HUM on exhalation to protect and fortify the marma. One can visualize OM as creating a golden light to energize the marma and HUM creating a dark blue light to protect it.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Important Bija Mantras and Usage with Varma Therapy - 1

Mantra HUM

The mantra HUM (pronounced 'hoom') is varma bija, the beeja mantra of protection, possessing a fiery and wrathful nature. It is used specifically to protect marma points and is the most important mantra in this regard. The mantra HUM can be repeated relative to any marma that one wants to protect from injury or from energy loss. It can be used along with the marma meditation practice to create a protective field of mantra around the physical body and the aura.

Visualize this mantra as creating a deep blue protective force that can ward away all negativity, disease or debility. Chanted with a shorter u - sound, as in the word "put", HUM has a more fiery energy for purposes of warming the marmas and increasing Agni or fire at their locations.

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